Welcome to my site

Hello, I'm Al Herrera, freelance website designer/ front end coder based in the Chicago area. Thank you for visiting my website!

I have been a Web Designer and Front End Coder for more than eight years. I have tackled front end development across various platforms including Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Expression Engine, Dot Net Nuke and various custom Content Management Systems.

Each new design presents challenges, and it is my job to troubleshoot these challenges to make the end user experience as smooth as possible. I work with freelancers and creative houses that need a website up and running once they have creative and project requirements.

I graduated from the illinois Institute of Art with a degree in Interactive Media Production so I'm not afraid to jump onto projects and build them as needed.

My Skills

function web_developer(websiteNinja){
Skills: {
Expression Engine,

return web_developer(Al.Herrera);

About Me

I like to plan things out in life and I take that approach when it comes to coding new projects. As the great Hannibal Smith once said "I love it when a plan comes together."

If everything goes according to plan your website will be fully functional and looking great in no time.

Huge fan of tacos!!

Services at a Glance

Web Design
Front-End Development
Custom Email Templates
Content Updates
Organic SEO
Mobile/ Responsive Sites
Template Modifications

Contact me

Feel free to contact me to game plan a form of attack for your upcoming website.

If you need a consult to steer you in the right direction please contact me.